eCommerce with CMS

We have two kinds of Content Management Systems; Customized CMS and WordPress Based Woo Commerce system. 

Customized CMS was developed for the specified customers who needs their own requirement for their business. 

WordPress Based system is a ready-made opensource system and we configured with full features of eCommerce features. 

For more information, please contact to us. 

Property Management System - PMS

Our property management system (PMS) named Yazahtani is very suitable for all kind of condominium. It can help developers for sales and expenses with useful reports. 

It is available as cloud based platform as well as on-premise platform. 

Marketing Development Fund - MDF

Initially we developed it for the department of Enterprise Marketing of Singtel. Then we reworked to be suitable for any marketing funds with some enhancements. 

Starting from the requesting budgets, budget allocations to the expenses of each marketing managers, it helps to manage all transactions. 

Single Sign On - SSO

The Single Sign On – SSO product helps your application login without typing your credentials. It is a bit similar to the SingPass SSO and you can scan QR code to login to the individual system. 

We provided the multiple application with application owner role. 

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